This is the Lebanon chapter from Lonely Planet's Middle East guidebook. Damaged by decades of civil war, Lebanon is nonetheless blessed with magnificent. Lebanon is the perfect destination for experiencing a rich variety of sights, sounds, cuisines and cultural edifices within an incredibly compact area. It plays host. 4. WEEKS Among the Kurds. For this Mediterranean sojourn, count on a week to 10 days in Lebanon and two weeks in Turkey. Begin in Beirut, a glamorous me-.

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Lonely Planet's Thorntree Community is waiting for you! PDF. Coverage . The only land crossings are into Syria, as the Israel–Lebanon. Middle East - Lebanon (PDF Chapter) Lonely Planet. By Lonely Planet Magazine. 31 May Beirut is like no other city in the Middle East, juxtaposing designer boutiques with grand mosques, bullet-scarred.

The National Museum of Beirut has an impressive collection of artefacts, including gilded-bronze Phoenician statues. A short film tells how staff saved its collection from destruction in the civil war beirutnationalmuseum.

Achrafiye is a largely Christian area characterised by leafy streets, galleries, antique shops and churches. Originally a cathedral built in the 12th century by Crusaders, the Omari Mosque was converted by the Mamluks in and restored after the Lebanese Civil War.

Visitors can explore its courtyard gardens but must ask to enter the prayer hall omarimosque.

Daily specials are chalked up on the board and the Lebanese mezze buffet is a great lunchtime option tabkha. Try the supposed aphrodisiac moolookhiye — fragrant rice with chicken, lamb and mallow.

Call the company in advance to discuss your requirements hotelibanais. Port View Hotel has basic-value rooms within easy reach of the bars and restaurants of Rue Gourand. Its greatest asset is the manager, who is happy to dispense advice to visitors portviewhotel.

An old-fashioned Hamra institution, The Mayflower Hotel was a popular hangout for journalists during the Lebanese civil war, and has spotlessly clean rooms.

Its eccentric Duke of Wellington Bar is adorned with deer heads and serves Lebanese wine mayflowerbeirut. A Beirut mainstay since the s, The Riviera Hotel has comfortable rooms with great sea Sleep views. Its trump card is claiming one of the liveliest beach clubs in Beirut.

Accessed through a tunnel under the Corniche, the club has a good fish restaurant and its own marina rivierahotel. Inside are acres of marble, chandeliers and an ornate colonnaded swimming pool phoeniciabeirut.

Getting around The Lebanese Commuting Company lccworld. Byblos derives from the Greek word bublos, meaning papyrus, as the town was the stopping place for the Phoenicians who shipped papyrus from Egypt.

Besides a super interesting museum that explains the history of the creation of the alphabet, in Byblos you can also visit a crusader castle from the XII century, built by the Franks, a restored souq, a beautiful Mediterranean harbor full of restaurants, where you can eat seafood feasts, and some archeological sites containing mainly Roman ruins but also from many other civilizations, from the Neolithic settlements 8, years ago to Phoenician, Egyptian, Greek and Ottoman. A one-way taxi will charge you, at least, 50USD, if you have good negotiation skills, of course.

Click here to see the latest prices Top-end hotel — Byblos Sur Mer — This boutique hotel is at the most privileged location in the whole of Byblos, next to the ruins, on the seaside and at the heart of where the exquisite social life in Byblos is, which consists of eating at the seafood fancy restaurants that compose the harbor.

You also must go to Ksara Winery, the oldest and most famous winery in the country. I got it at Cola Station but there may be a direct bus from Charles Helou station.

Mini guide to Beirut, Lebanon

Mid-range Apartment Hotel — Berdawni Apartments — This apartment-hotel is nothing outstanding but it really fulfills its function, with very comfy beds and the best location, right next to Berdwani river, the highlight in town.

Click here to see the latest prices Top-end Hotel — La Place Hotel — Located in the old part of town, people love this hotel because it manages to combine the old and traditional with very modern facilities and exquisite decoration.

The breakfast is great and they have the purest and kindest Middle Eastern service. The temple of Jupiter and the temple of Bacchus are the buildings that dominate this stunning architectural masterpiece.

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Seriously, these Romans ruins are just outstanding and, when I went there, I had the ruins completely to myself. For more information, read: Baalbek, the colossal ancient city of Lebanon. Baalbek is very close to the border and, from the ruins, in the early morning, you are able to hear bombs and gunshots coming from the other site of the border.

No need to be alarmed. The sound is loud because Baalbek is in a valley, so it produces an echo and a feeling that it is happening nearby.Planning features and itineraries give you the freedom to create your ideal trip Expert authors uncover local secrets and hidden gems to make your visit unique Includes comprehensive colour maps of even the smallest towns Detailed listings on everything from top sights and activities to eating, shopping, nightlife and accommodation Compare Guide Types.

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This guidebook highlights the diverse attractions and unique opportunities in all regions of the country. In , following World War I , the area of the Mutasarrifate, plus some surrounding areas which were predominantly Shia and Sunni , became a part of the state of Greater Lebanon under the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon.

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