Now, this is Digital Generation and we being preferred keeping our daily things digitally with our steps or home for all the time need. And book. from NCTB official site, so all books are updated and latest from Class 7 nctb book download pdf goes below with a single one-click. Books of NCTB / NOTE—-: “MANY STUDENTS WANT TO READ THE BOOKS OF THE BEFORE YEAR BUT THEY COULD NOT FIND THEM EASILY.

Nctb Book 2016

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NCTB Book Download. These books are provided for free to all school going children of Bangladesh. Here are the PDF versions of the. NCTB Book Download - Class 1 to Class 10 - Education Board Results BD. Download All HSC(Higher Secondary School Certificate) NCTB Books - PDF.

One is Bangla version and another one is the English version. But in this post, you will find the all Bangla version books.

You can also download the books from the official website of national curriculum and textbook board of Bangladesh www. We hope this post will help you much as you need. The current goal of Bangladesh govt.

So, the govt. They are working on it. Education is the part and parcel of a nation. So the govt.

Books of NCTB 2015/2016

Here we also help you to download all those new NCTB books from this site. Though there are other classes before class on like KG and nursery.

But class one is the official first class of the school level education. Here are all NCTB books for class one students. After passing the class one a student gets promoted to class two. These books will help you to pass in class two and get promoted to class three.

Class three is also an important part of primary education. In this class, the students get introduced to other new subjects besides Bengali, Math, and English. So this is a new experience for the little kids.

Well, if you are looking for class four NCTB new text books then download the files from below. All books are given in PDF file. Class four is also important because in the next year they will be promoted to class five. Class five is the most important part of the primary education life. So they have to study very attentively to get the expected results.

Books of NCTB 2015/2016

A student also gets promoted to high school after passing the final exam in class five. Class six is the starting of high school life journey. After passing the primary education a student can get the ability to get admitted in class six. Here they will get some new subjects like ICT, physical studies and health, work and life oriented studies, agricultural studies etc.

You can download them from these links. Class seven books are almost as same as class six books.

Only the syllabus is modified based on context. Passing this exam can make a student get to qualify for class nine which is also an important part of education life. Students have to study regularly on class eight as they have to get prepared for the JSC exam. From the links given below you can download all books of NCTB books for the students of class eight.

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Class nine and class ten books are same. So the students get the books only in class nine. They have to go through with those books for two years till the SSC exam ends. SSC means secondary school certificate. This is the most important exam of school life. So, the students should get prepared themselves from class nine. Here the students are divided into three groups. They are science, arts, and business study. Three groups have three different type books for studying the group subjects.

So here are more books than other classes. We hope the post will help you in a different way.

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They are working on it. I hope, these books will be also helpful for others also as all had to read these in their childhood. You can download them from these links. Class three is also an important part of primary education. HSC Revised new curriculum

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