O Jerusalem! is a history book by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins that seeks to capture the events and struggles surrounding the creation of the state of . Start by marking “Ô Jérusalem” as Want to Read: Collins & Lapierre weave a tapestry of shattered hopes, valor & fierce pride as the Arabs, Jews & British collide in their fight for control of Jerusalem. Books on the Israel Palestine Conflict. O Jerusalem! and millions of other books are available for instant access. view site eBook .. This item:O Jerusalem! by Larry Collins Paperback $

O Jerusalem Book

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This book not only offers a detailed and understandable account of Israel & Jerusalem's history from 70 AD to the electrifying events of , it also. O Jerusalem! meticulously re-creates this historic struggle. Collins and Lapierre penetrate the battle from the inside, exploring each party's interests, intentions. Now with a new introduction by Dominique Lapierre, O Jerusalem! remains, as ever, a towering testament to the fiery dawn of Israel and an.

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The book begins with a prologue, and ends with an epilogue, index, and certain relevant information categorized under biographical note acknowledgements, a bibliography, chapter notes, and photograph credits. They came under official British mandate in by League of Nations approval. This White Paper was met with outrage in the Jewish community and Britain quickly reverted its policies back to the Churchill White Paper.

Arabs responded with a strike, followed by a revolt lasting until in In Britain released the White Paper , which acceded to Arab demands. Synopsis[ edit ] The book begins immediately after the partition decision was announced. The Jews flooded the streets of Palestine, celebrating.

However, the Jewish leaders immediately began planning for war. Ehud Avriel was sent to Prague to download arms in the name of Ethiopia. Meanwhile, the Jews built an army and air force from scratch.

The Jewish leaders, like David Ben-Gurion, knew that, due to military shortcomings, the conflict could only be won through intelligence warfare. The Arabs vowed to put Jerusalem under siege , and did. For many months Jerusalem survived on very limited foodstuffs. They agreed to work together, but everyone, especially King Abdullah of Transjordan , had their own agenda.

In the end, the Arab states' lack of cooperation led to their downfall. There was a lot of disorganization and non-cooperation on the Jewish side as well.

The groups had conflicting ideals for example: the Haganah was willing to internationalize Jerusalem in order to have a unified, peaceful state, but Jerusalem was of the utmost importance to the Stern Gang and the Irgun , but they managed to retain more organization and cooperation than the Arab armies.

In the main text of O Jerusalem!

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The Haganah denounced the massacre, but the Arabs believed the Haganah to be responsible and retaliated at the Jewish kibbutz of Kfar Etzion. As May 15 drew closer, the two peoples continued preparing for war.

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However, the Jewish intelligence learned that, although the mandate was set to expire on May 15, the British were planning to leave on May She keeps throwing knives in her boots and has excellent aim. It took the writers two years to interview more than a thousand people that included the Arabs, the Jews, The Americans, and the Brits; and another three years to research and write this work. The year in which British rule ceased in We also learn that Haj Amin was not the only Arab terrorist to be trained in Nazi Germany, as part of the Axis war effort.

The Arab armies, however, were not. The Jewish leaders, like David Ben-Gurion, knew that, due to military shortcomings, the conflict could only be won through intelligence warfare.

Readers also enjoyed. I found the storyline in this one significantly better than the last few books, and indeed it edges up slightly ahead in my eyes over the first.

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