Il dio del fiume è un romanzo d'avventura di Wilbur Smith. Il primo di sei libri ( PDF) MINISTERIOS DE PREDICACIÓN Y ENSEÃ'ANZA cockfoheetaferr.ml Yeah, reviewing a books the seventh scroll by wilbur smith bangla could be . ambientazione moderna dei romanzi Il dio del fiume, Figli del Nilo e Alle fonti del. scroll by wilbur smith bangla colleague that we come up with the money for . ambientazione moderna dei romanzi Il dio del fiume, Figli del Nilo e Alle fonti del.

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wilbur smith il dio del fiume wilbur smith il dio pdf. Wilbur Addison Smith (Broken Hill, 9 gennaio ) è uno scrittore sudafricano.. Di origini britanniche, ha. Il Faraone Delle Sabbie - [Free] Il Faraone Delle Sabbie [PDF] [EPUB] Il dio del fiume è un romanzo d'avventura di Wilbur Smith. Il primo di sei. Il dio del fiume . Ancient Egypt mesmerizes me and I loved Wilbur Smith's River God. .. Ho riletto questo bellissimo romanzo dopo oltre vent'anni dalla sua uscita (era il e io comprai la prima edizione). nel frattempo diventata moglie (a malincuore) del Faraone Mamose, ma da Ho riletto questo bellissimo romanzo.

Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other: Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — River God by Wilbur Smith. For Tanus, the fair-haired young lion of a warrior, the gods have decreed that he will lead Egypt's army in a bold attempt to reunite the Kingdom's shared halves.

But Tanus will have to defy the same gods to attain the reward they have forbidden him, an object more prized than battle's glory: Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published February 15th by St. Martin's Paperbacks first published More Details Original Title.

Figli del Nilo

Ancient Egypt 1. Taita , Tanus , Lostris , Menom , Kratas. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about River God , please sign up. I need to know the answer!!!!!!! I only have 10 minutes!!!!!!!! Its imporant!!!!!!!!!!!! What is the genre???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parker Rogers It's historical fiction with a bit of fantasy thrown in.

For someone who does not like fantasy, do you think I would like this book? It was recommended to me because I wanted to read a book that had me staying up all night. Carolyn Medley It was a great read for me. At times I was right there feeling, tasting and smelling I read it twice, my interest and thirst to learn all I could …more It was a great read for me.

I read it twice, my interest and thirst to learn all I could about Egypt and Africa overtook my world. I just could not get enough about the cultures. Even fully knowing that a lot was not factual, it put a desire in my soul to learn more about this amazing world we live In.

I Think You Will enjoy It!

See all 7 questions about River God…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. May 30, Henry Avila rated it really liked it.

The mist clears, the clouds roll out and the fog lifts, looking down, the Nile appears. Its blue waters, dominate the desert land, like a Lion, over a savanna.

And the hot sun, is always shining, bringing excruciating heat, which not even the Egyptians can tolerate too long.

The scene, ancient Egypt, the life giving river flows leisurely by, going north. But no human knows where it begins, in the south, if it does have an end there. The eunuch slave, Taita, loves Lostris, daughter of the evil Gr The mist clears, the clouds roll out and the fog lifts, looking down, the Nile appears. Lord Intef, has his chief guard Rasfer, beat his slave brutally, for minor infractions, and Rasfer loves his work The weak, tired Pharaoh, has let Lower Egypt, the delta kingdom, slip away , and now there are two Egyptian nations, in the 18th century B.

But Taita has a viable rival, the imposing warrior, Tanus, rising star of the army, and he has noble blood, in his veins. The handsome eunuch is a genius, seemingly able to invent anything, he set his mind to except one. The intelligent man, has such an overpowering love, for the lovely Lostris, she adores him too Hapi , the River God, is her patron.

He is happy, being a lowly slave, as long as he sees her every day. Naturally Lostris, loves Tanus, and he, reciprocates. The slave's best friend is, yes, that same man, this strange triangle will last, all their lifetimes. But during the feast of the great God, Osiris, in the exotic city of Thebes, with , souls , the largest on the face of the Earth. The king sees the daughter of the Vizier, in a play, written by Taita, inside the sacred temple.

She the heartbroken girl, becomes one of his wives, he has no sons but many daughters, the dynasty must continue! Tanus, is devastate, along with her comes Taita, and becomes very useful to the Pharaoh, in his Nile River palace, on an island, many miles from Thebes.

The talented slave, even begins to like the pleasant monarch, physician to the mighty king, architect to the building of his tomb. Which almost bankrupts the wealthy , desert kingdom, scribe, inventor, and fortune teller, he can do anything. He wished, it was true. Ruthless invaders from the east, the Hyksos, barbarians, invincible, with never seen animals horses , pulling countless, strange vehicles chariots.

Having destroyed the red kingdom of the north, sacking its capital, Memphis, killing the usurper king, and now are coming up stream , in war galleys.

With thousands of troops, by land , too, the white kingdom of the south, is doomed. After a bloody, battle defeat, the southerners must flee up the river. In their own boats, the fleet slowly turns away, heading southerly, from their island headquarters, a paradise in a turbulent world, green, with trees, in Egypt!

The palaces are abandoned, Taita, Lostris, Tanus, the Pharaoh's son, and many thousands of others, are on board. As the Hyksos, pursue them, never stopping , the chase, and still a vague plan, to return someday. Floating, forever floating , the royal galleys, go up the endless river View all 25 comments. How can you possibly resist a book about ancient Egyptians?

River God was a pleasure to read. At over pages it still managed to keep the action flowing right until the end and it doesn't hurt that Taita is one of the sweetest and most likable characters I've come to know in a long time. At first I wasn't too sure about this book. I bought it on a spur of the moment and didn't know what to expect from it. Taita comes across as a priss to begin with, and there is that question of how Egyptian so How can you possibly resist a book about ancient Egyptians?

Taita comes across as a priss to begin with, and there is that question of how Egyptian society flourished for thousands of years without him, considering the fact that he invents just about everything. But the fact that he's a slave, and a eunuch, set him apart from the prototypical hero. He's not exactly what you'd expect from a slave, however, as he's well loved and respected and wields a good deal of power and influence.

And his his being a eunuch means the book isn't filled with the gratuitous sex scenes which plague so many others of its ilk! He was lovely. Smart, resourceful, gutsy and loyal, and definitely not suffering from that irksome macho-man syndrome. He might be a bit vain, but we get to see his flaws too. And he's pretty. Don't give up if the first few pages don't grab you immediately.

It should grow on you. The action just kept coming, and it's been a while since I was so hooked on a book, constantly wanting to know what happens next. It was an epic. I loved it. Though the writing was a little cheesy at times, but it was still readable so that's a very minor quibble. There's something for everyone in this book. There were battles, wars, murders, marriages, medical emergencies, animals, gods, births, deaths, journeys, friendships, enemies You won't have time to get bored.

I can't vouch for the book's historical accuracy, although obviously I would expect Taita's story to be completely fabricated, but it didn't seem too far off the mark in general aspects of Egyptian life. Besides, authors are allowed to take liberties in historical fiction. I'm not sure how quickly I'll rush on to the next books in this series, if only because I want to preserve the memory of Taita as he is in River God.

But this will certainly be a re-read somewhere down the line. View all 4 comments. Jun 14, Paul O'Neill rated it it was amazing. This was so good, I stopped reading a Malazan book to focus on it Higher praise was never given. Jan 05, Gouty added it Shelves: What one shall I use? If you come across a book written by this guy take it to a safe place douse it in gasoline and set fire to it. You will be doing a small part in making the world a better place. View all 24 comments.

Nov 10, Lizzy rated it really liked it Shelves: Taita is a very likable character and narrates the story.

Not an everyday model hero for sure as a slave and a eunuch. But he's brilliant, spirited and above all loyal, even if a little vain; and I specifically like flawed heroes. I can't judge it's historical accuracy and I read it as a work of fiction; I'm not knowledgeable about Ancient Egypt, but I don't think it matters here. It was a great adventure to read: Many years go by, and the Egyptians build a life in exile until they can finally return and reclaim their home.

There are bloody battles, impossible love fulfilled and the coming of age of a new generation. May 14, Genia Lukin rated it did not like it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. This book as written by Cecil B. I am a eunuch. TAITA postures significantly. His expression is sombre, profound, behind his back the nile flows, a crocodile ambles out of the bushes.

I am Lady Lostris, daughter of the Evil grand Vizier! I curse my luck for having been born so beautiful, so accomplished, and so utterly implausible,the daughter of a stereotypic villain! Oh, Tanus! Oh, Lostris!

The two clutch each other in their arms. I love you, Lostris! I Love you, Tanus, but we cannot marry, because my stereotypical evil vizier father hates you, and will kill you!

But it will be all right, because TAITA will fix it with his many awesome skills and magical clairvoyance.

Oh, Pharaoh, in among all my other villainous schemes, I have found the time to propose that you marry my beautiful nubile daughter. Oh, by the way, if you could kill off Tanus for me? That'd be great, thanks. I want to die! LOSTRIS clutches a dagger in her shapely white hands, poising it dramatically over her throat - this is not in the book, but it makes good cinema.

My Lady! I can predict the future!

I predict immense grossing at the film release! Please do not die!

Also, I predict thatin five years you will be a convenient widow. Lord Pharaoh, we found the head of the bandits! You did? I wanted you to die! Well, okay, who is it? INTEF is dragged off and executed [plan for an additional three thousand extras here]. Fade to black.

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I have a son! Luke, I am your father! The End. Reviewer's Note: The book would not take much adjustment in order to make such a film. In fact, the writing is evocative of ponderous Hollywood close-up shots, emotional drama with all the most cliched loves, temperaments, betrayals and twists who didn't see the issue of Lord Intef vis-a-vis the robbers coming?

I struggled through it, I am still not sure how. View all 3 comments. River God is one of those historical novels that broke open a whole new world to me.

I have been to Ancient Egypt, lived, lost and triumphed there, and then resurfaced in my own time as if coming out of a vivid dream. The images are still with me, but what makes it truly wonderful is the main character, Taita. He is the star of this book, not the two star-crossed lovers who dominate the book description.

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Taita is a slave, a eunuch, but a highly educated and privileged one. He's an artist, an inv River God is one of those historical novels that broke open a whole new world to me.

He's an artist, an inventor, a scholar, a physician, a strategist, and more. He's a genius at the middle of everything important, driving it all from the humble position of a trusted, good-natured slave.

Taita can do almost anything, think a way out of most situations and turn them somehow to advantage. But there's a sense of tongue-in-cheek to his abilities at times that makes me think he's laughing at himself just a little even though his attitude is one of natural superiority.

He thinks the world of himself, but is also compassionate and selfless. What a great character. I loved seeing events through his eyes, seeing his curiosity and his innovations and ideas, and what fruit they bore.

I loved the steadfastness and depth of emotion that he felt for those he loved, and those relationships made the history much more poignant in the end. Yes, Taita's pretty much perfect, and Tanus and Lostra are also beautiful, godlike, and amazingly talented and well-loved. Readers who prefer their characters to have many shades of gray might have some qualms.

This is not full of gritty realism, but is more akin to a heroic epic with characters that are larger than life. In a time when heroes could be elevated to god status in the eyes of the people, I didn't find this to be out of place. I almost forgot to mention the adventure, the machinations, the betrayals, the hunts and the battles. Life on the Nile is wrapped all around it, teeming with life yet unmarred by humans.

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Wilbur Smith. Inne ebooki autora: Wilbur Smith. ParachuteIn , da Vinci sketched a design for a parachute. No one knows whether he ever tested a full-scale model. The first reported successful parachute jump was made in RobotHe produced what are thought to be the first ever designs for a human-like robot in The robot was designed to wave, sit She captured the hearts of world leaders, fashion icons and people all over the planet, who knew her as Jackie Kennedy, Jacqueline Onassis, or simply Jackie O.

Hidden away in the vast and forbidding deserts of North Africa, Taita has passed the years since the death of his beloved Queen Lostris in prayer and study.

Legally distributed via our popular eBook Library for your peace of mind. Wilbur Smith's immortal creation. Born in Central Africa in , Wilbur became a full-tim The long-awaited sequel to his worldwide bestseller, The Triumph of the Sun. Elephant Song by Wilbur Smith ebook - ebooks.Smith 's narrative style seems to be a cross between watching a documentary in National Geographic and being enthralled in a riveting soap opera on a cliffhanger episode as the twists and turns of the plot burst forth with vibrant colorful visualization of Ancient Egypt , educating the reader while providing classic entertainment through the vivid display of its antiquated culture showing a panoramic view of a world in its pristine surroundings as the herds of wild animals appear to be its virginal backdrop, creating images that show glimpses of its wondrous empire from the cherished blue gold of lapis lazuli used in their sacred ornamentation, to the pharaoh's tall and might double crown vested with the vulture head and the cobra head combining their two goddesses and unto the lucid account of their mystical celebration of the Festival of Osiris as witnessed by the high walls of their great temples, resurrecting the dead civilization from its glorious past.

The robot was designed to wave, sit I love you, Lostris! Sort order. Solo grazie alla sua forza Mintaka riesce a sopravvivere, mentre Meren, innamorato di Merykara, cattura Heseret. Oh, by the way, if you could kill off Tanus for me? Comics A: Duraid Edmund Purdom:

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