Hello, I'm Resham - IELTS, TOEFL & PTE Instructor. There are a lot of books and PDFs available online that students usually practice from. To be honest there are no real secrets or 'tricks' to IELTS reading just good skill and words in every blog post, every website and every course book about IELTS reading. My student did this and this is how the reading score was band 8. Onaburekhan got Band without reading any IELTS books, here's how Not only did he get a truly remarkable score and won in our monthly IELTS results Reading, Writing and Speaking tips from Band 8 achiever This is the rest of.

Ielts Band Score 8 Book

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“I took IELTS on 30th of September and got an Overall Band Score of 8. Get a good book – I got a book from my friend that had around model essays. IELTS Writing & Speaking Band 8+: IELTS writing & speaking, most recent questions again just because they could not score good bands in IELTS writing or Speaking test, Want to know our Editors' picks for the best books of the month?. Below is a list of books that I recommend for your IELTS preparation. The first set of The level is aimed at people targeting a higher band score. It comes in pdf.

How to Get an IELTS Band 8

Understand the difference between skimming and scanning and get good at these skills. You will find these words in every blog post, every website and every course book about IELTS reading.

Do you know the difference? Can you use the techniques effectively to get the right answers? Skimming is reading quickly to get an overview of the text — you need this skill to get a general idea of the topic and also in questions like headings.

Scanning is a skill used to find specific key words which you can then analyse more carefully to get your answer. You need to develop both skills in order to manage your time well and increase your score.

Having a broad vocabulary is a chief aim for anybody learning a language.

Best books to preparae to assure 8.0 Band Score

IELTS demands, at bands 7 and 8, that you demonstrate a wide vocabulary in all parts of the test. If you have practised a lot of reading passages you will have seen similar topics coming up and although you may not have noticed it, a lot of the same vocabulary comes up too.

It is worth spending some time learning these words so that should you get this topic in the exam you take you will be well prepared. As an example, in passages to do with animals the following words appear very often: The advantage of learning vocabulary in groups like this animals is that it is easier to remember them.

You can also use them in writing and speaking and they might just come up in listening too. I say this over and over to students but most of them find it hard to accept. The truth is that you have 60 minutes to do 40 questions so you cannot afford to waste time on one question.

The questions NOT the passage will be trickier in passage three so you may need more time. If you adopt and practise this technique you will find that you have plenty of time J.

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People always tell me that they watch movies in English and listen to radio programmes such as the BBC, which are all great things to do, however, although these will help listening skills vocabulary and perhaps speaking in a passive way they will not really help your reading or writing skills.

Doing more reading will help to improve your understanding of texts and also how texts fit together which will help you a lot in IELTS reading.

So 7 things you can implement straight away.

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Here is how Onaburekhan did it, in his own words:. I actually thought I was doomed after I finished the test because I found it quite difficult. I only started revising for the test about 2 weeks beforehand because I was busy with work. It also helped that I am more of a BBC and Channel 4 news kind of person, these programmes have helped boost my understanding of English and speaking.

IELTS Actual Test Reading & Listening

They can also improve their Writing and Reading skills by engaging in loads of practise prior to the test. Candidates who do not have English as a first language would definitely need lots of practise if they are aiming for a high score in IELTS.

I used it and it helped me achieve what I need in the first attempt, and I strongly recommend that candidates should follow the guidance written there in order to get the Band they need. Get a self study book, for Academic click here , for General here.

My Band 8 Tips

Your Comment. Onaburekhan got Band 8.


Related posts:Instead, read and listen in order to have a broader understanding. You will find these words in every blog post, every website and every course book about IELTS reading. Often I see students underlining multiple words and phrases in the text before they have even looked at the question and I always ask them why they do this?

Now the only thing I had to do is stick to the timelines. While I feel I was lucky to get the right mix of question types, I evaluated my mistakes during the practice tests and analysed to see if there is any pattern in the failures. Thank you!

Devote some time to make a list of useful vocabulary about topics like: health, environment, education or technology, you will use it on the writing and speaking sections.

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